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Proud Dad!

By Del Swanson | March 11, 2016

Proud dad! This is my youngest, Michalia next to my buddy and pinstriper extraordinaire, Tramp Warner. Michalia drew Elvis and Tramp pinstriped on the glass. It turned out really cool!

Geico Bike

By Del Swanson | March 8, 2016

I can show these now! I’ve been working with Chris Eder at Misfit Industries on two bikes they built for Geico Insurance. They successfully unveiled them yesterday at Daytona Bike Week! I heard they went over well. Go to to see pics of the bikes as they turned out. They really turned out nice!  

Proud Dad

By Del Swanson | February 20, 2016

My daughter, Michalia’s, in-progress portrait for the 2016 Pinstripe Legends charity auction. I’m a proud dad!  

Pinstripe Legends 2016 Shirt

By Del Swanson | February 19, 2016

This is the artwork that I did, along with Tramp Warner‘s pinstripes, on our Tee shirts and button down shirts printed by Ken Brock at Rod Tees for this year’s Pinstripe Legends Charity auction at the Wisconsin State fair Park at the World of Wheels show This weekend (NOW!) Go and get a shirt and…