Press & TV

Street Rodder Magazine again!

My concept art for a 2-door Tucker has made the January 2104 issue of Street Rodder Magazine. Scroll down to see my vintage NASCAR version!

Street Rodder Magazine!!!!

“Narf!  What are we going to do today Brain?”
“Same thing we always do Pinky, try to take over the automotive magazine world!!!”

Search & Restore

On the TV Star front, my art premiered on Saturday February 2nd, Search & Restore.  They did a ’74 Challenger designed and rendered by me!  Check out the video page.  Now you can use me as a connection for Six Degrees of Separation with Courtney Hansen!

Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated

“That’s ‘Mister’ Page 24 to you!”  Traditional Rod & Kulture Illustrated featured me with a 4 page spread on me and my art.  It is issue #32, Winter 2013 (Orange Willys with brunette in blue on the cover).  Pick up a copy where ever the koolest magazine on earth is available.  Bring it with next time you are going to see me and I will autograph it for you!

Shout out to Zombie and Mike Parker – Thanks Guys!