Artist tip 3

This tip is one of those things that just slaps you in the face when hear it! It’s brilliant in its sneakiness and I feel like I should be whispering this to you all while looking around. We have resources available to us for free that billions are spent on yearly. Ready…come closer, I don’t want to write this too loudly…. all right, the next time you are in any store ( grocery, hardware, electronic )…..look around.
Seriously, it’s that simple. Think about how many brazillians of dollars are spent annually on which colors look good together, which layouts have the most impact, which fonts work well together, and what packaging makes people stop and look at their product. All of this wealth of information available to us by simply looking as we shop.
Simple and brilliant. I wish I could take credit for this tasty morsel, but the great artist, pinstriper, and sign painter Bob Behounek let me in on his secret.
This ties in perfectly with my “learn from everyone, even if it’s not what you do” philosophy.
In these tough times, maybe an enterprising grocery store owner will hang an “and art school” placard under his store sign.

Go get better!