GoodGuys SEMA Explorer

Del Swanson GoodGuys SEMA

I guess it’s okay to show these now. These both were for Goodguys SEMA vehicles this past year. The first pic of the yellow Explorer is my illustration with Brian Stupski wheels. The second and third pics are of the actual vehicle that was at SEMA. We were dialing in the design of the Tahoe…

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Jeff Williams – the King of Paint

Del Swanson and Jeff Williams

While I was at the Frame Up Wheel Works Open House, the master painter, the King of Paint hisself – Jeff Williams used a couple of my sketches to upgrade a Harley. Check out his site at  

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On the Road Again…

Del and Julie Swanson

Watch for Mr and Mrs Incredible to be at art fairs and hot rod shows around the South East Wisconsin, North East Illinois area soon. The picture is of us at Frame Up Wheel Work‘s May 5th open house. I had a great time selling prints, shaking hands, posing for pictures and signing autographs.

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Search & Restore

Del Swanson Search and Restore

On the TV Star front, my art premiered on Saturday February 2nd, Search & Restore.  They did a ’74 Challenger designed and rendered by me!  Check out the video page.  Now you can use me as a connection for Six Degrees of Separation with Courtney Hansen!

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